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2014 Real Estate Trends...Who really knows?
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2013 Real Estate and Business Trends Locally

Tampa Bay 4th in Foreclosures in US

RealtyTrac in February of 2013 listed the Tampa Bay area as having the nation's fourth highest foreclosure rate.  Guess where the next three higher foreclosure areas are located?  They were all in Florida with Miami in 1st, Orlando in 2nd and Ocala in 3rd. Of the top ten  hardest hit cities in the nation for foreclosures seven are located in Florida! Needless to say Florida still leads the nation with the highest foreclosure rate.
The Tampa Bay Times' staff writer, Drew Harwell reported on March 14, 2013, that data shows that over "5,000 notices of mortgage default, foreclosure auction or repossession were sent across Tampa Bay last month,
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